Welcome to SBS College of Pharmacy, Mehal Kalan.

General Secretary Message

On behalf of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Educational and Welfare Society, I Sushil Kumar, General Secretary of the society honored and raptures to welcome all the students at SBS College of Pharmacy, Mehal Kalan (Barnala). This college was established in 2016 to promote technical, pharmaceutical education in the state of Punjab at the diploma level. Our aim is to help our students to develop an intelligent mind with analytical ability so that they always remain in the forefront in whatever pursuit they undertake. In short, our aim is to create a premier college in Pharmacy that will train future Pharmacists who can provide best possible pharmaceutical care to the community. Pharma industry underwent a complete transformation due to liberal economy, globalization, emerging era .The demand of high quality pharmaceuticals, introduction of new generation of drugs, emerging biotechnological methods for the production of extremely efficacious drugs require a well-designed labs, updated syllabus, resource identification and faculty development.The demand for well-qualified professional pharmacists has increased exponentially in the recent years. The Pharmacists have good career opportunities in Pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, in retail, in wholesale and dispensing pharmacy. SBS aims to develop highest quality minds which are always questing for new ideas or inventions that can serve the society. Apart from the educational facilities, the college strongly focuses on extracurricular activities for the all-round development of its students. We have a good team of faculty who are dedicated to create excellent blooming pharmacists by providing an extraordinary teaching, cultural and Sports activities. I wish you lots of good luck and a successful journey of quality education, training and learning being the member of SBS family.


Mr. Sushil Kumar Bansal
General Secretary, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Educational and Welfare Society, Mehal Kalan
President, Punjab State Pharmacy Council
Member, Pharmacy Council of India
Email: sushil.malwa@gmail.com