Welcome to SBS College of Pharmacy, Mehal Kalan.

Medicinal Plants Garden

Pharmacy course requires the students to learn and practice exploration and exploitation of drugs from various origins including the plant kingdom. Keeping in view this requirement, our college has set up a Medicinal Plant Garden comprising of different varieties of easily cultivable plants and herbs. The Medicinal Plant Garden used for several purposes such as-

  • To provide students the opportunity to learn pharmacognosy by studying the cultivation and preservation of medicinal, volatile oil yielding and aromatic plants from which several drugs and pharmaceuticals are obtained.
  • To provide authenticated herbs and plant samples required in regular practical’s and research investigations.
  • To provide an opportunity to investigate the possibility of successfully cultivating exotic plants and herbs in the local geo-climatic environment.
  • To provide an opportunity to study the factors essential for maximizing drug output of superior quality from plants and herbs.

The medicinal plant garden is situated in the campus of the institution. In garden, plants are categorized in two classes:

  1. Medicinal plants and
  2. Aromatic plants.

The garden functions as a display area for plants, herbs and spices as well as a source for conservation of several standard botanical specimens. The plants are cultivated and preserved in rectangular beds and are well labeled for easy identification and to facilitate teaching. Garden is also equipped with green house which saves plants from scorching heat in summers and useful for plants that need low temperature for proper growth.