Welcome to SBS College of Pharmacy, Mehal Kalan.

Principal Message

I have great pleasure to welcoming the aspiring students to the newly established, SBS College of Pharmacy Mehal Kalan (Barnala). As professional service, we provide our expertise for betterment of Pharmacy profession. Pharmacy field is the foundation on which entire pharmaceutical industry, technology, research and clinical pharmacy is built. The basic purpose of pharmacy education is to develop technical human resource, novel approach and vision with respect to teaching, research and development and training future health care professional in the field of drugs and pharmaceuticals.Pharmacy students have better job opportunities in Pharmaceuticals industries, in manufacturing, quality control, regulatory areas, marketing and academics. Pharmacists study the chemistry of drugs, their origin, procedures for drug development, their preparation, dispensing, their effects and eventual use for prevention and treatment of disease. The complexity of drug therapy and the dangers of drug abuse have brought into focus the need of pharmacists' special skills to maintain a rational approach in the realm of drug treatments.Pharmacists work in research, processing and manufacture of drugs. Pharmacist is a backbone of pharmacy. Pharmacist play a vital role between the patient and a doctor We have a strong commitment towards providing value based education. Join with us to grow and to take pharmacy as career.

I wish all of you think big and the latest.